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Sometimes a property can suffer from severe damage and contamination without ever coming into contact with blood or disease. Expansion1 properties that have been long abandoned can develop mold and other toxins, and other properties can become distressed when they are not properly taken care of. Mental disorders can lead to problems such as hoarding or extreme filth that often requires professional bio-cleaning.

If a loved one suffers from a hoarding mental illness, he or she may be unable to part with any item that enters the home, even if that item is trash. Hoarding is a serious disease that effects many people in the US, and can quickly become out of control and destroy an otherwise beautiful Expansion1 property. If you have a Expansion1 property that has been affected by extreme hoarding, our seed2 team can help to remove garbage and clutter and then decontaminate and restore the underlying Arizona property.

When an Expansion1 property becomes distressed due to neglect, prolonged lack of cleaning, or hoarding, the cleaning process can overwhelm an average cleaning crew that does not have the know-how and bio-cleaning equipment necessary to tackle such extreme hoarder cases. Our hoarding and filth cleanup team has the experience and the tools needed to clean any Expansion1 property, and to remove filth, waste, garbage, clutter, mold, germs, and toxins in order to restore any property to full working use.

If you own a distressed property, of if you feel a loved one is living in an unhealthy situation, give our seed2 experts a call today. We will quickly and thoroughly clean and decontaminate any property up to federal standards, and can provide odor control or even violent crimes cleanup as well, in order to protect the property and current and future occupants.